C270 Review

Acer C270 Chromebook

Last week I picked up a Chromebook, specifically the Acer C270. One of my coworkers uses one and kind of convinced me that one would be worth checking. I compared what was out there and other than the Pixel, the C270 had the best specs, including battery life (8.5 hours). It's an Intel chipset, 16GB space, 2Gb of RAM, 1.4Ghz.

Foreman managed virtual datacenter

Tags: foreman, puppet, libvirt, virsh Summary: Setting up a virtual datacenter using virsh, foreman, and puppet.

New Static Site

I had mentioned previously that I had taken up markdown blogging. At that time, I was writing my post in markdown, converting it to HTML, and then injecting it into blogger. This last week, I have done a good bit of work to convert my site to a "static site" using Pelican. A static site is made up entirely of static files - no database, no php includes, just your basic collection of html, javascript, css, and images. I write content in Markdown on my laptop. I develop my theme locally as well. Then I run "make html" and pelican will process my configuration file, my content, and my theme to generate all of the pages, posts, archive pages, and various rss feeds. The end result is a directory full of files that can be dropped onto pretty much any webserver.

Starting with Ruby and AWS

This weekend I decided to takle both learning Ruby and working with AWS via the Ruby API. Having only played with both of these in the past, this presents two learning challenges at once. However, from past projects, this is how I learn best. I am somewhat familiar with AWS terms and once made a script in Python to fire up an instance. This was before Amazon came out with their management console, so I imagine things have come a long way since then (hopefully easier). I also played with Ruby for a while, but didn't have a decent project for it. Having a project with goals will hopefully keep me on track and give me a way to measure my progress.

dingus problems

Yesterday, I ran into a small, but confusing issue converting from markdown to html for a post. A markdown process will convert html in a code block to html escaped entities. That way, when you use the resulting html, your html example code doesn't get interpreted as html.

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