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John Hogenmiller

  • Phone: (814) 317-6804
  • Updated: April 9th, 2015


To obtain a position that utilizes my technical skills and abilities, while allowing me to acquire and use new skills within my field.


  • DevOps - SaltStack, Puppet implementation and configuration management experience.
  • Continuous Integration - Deployment management using Jenkins and Go Continuous Deployment Server
  • Thirteen years experience in the installation and administration of Linux and Windows based operating systems offering a wide array of different network related services.
  • Intimate knowledge of many communication services, protocols, and related hardware.
  • Programming experience - familiar with Python, Bash, PHP, and Perl programming.
  • Experience in a technical managerial position involving supervising others, hiring, delegating tasks, handling customer inquiries, organizing team meetings, and training employees.
  • Capable of working on multiple complex projects simultaneously.
  • RedHat Certified Engineer
  • VMWare Certified Professional
  • Familiar with implementing monitoring systems including Nagios, Zabbix, MRTG, and Monit.

Employment History

EMC Corporation, Bedford, PA

Cloud Services/Site Reliability Engineer - April 2014 to present

  • Worked with a small team to remotely deploy, install, and configure over 3000 bare metal servers across the globe in under 3 months time.
  • Assisted in development of a network archetyper for rapid network design.
  • Interviewed, recommended, and provided training for new employees in order to scale the team.
  • Created very appreciated documentation for numerous systems and processes developed in house.
  • Developed salt formulas and pillar data to manage large numbers of servers.
  • Implemented Go Continuous Delivery pipelines. Salt formulas are automatically tested, built, and deployed into package repositories for consumption.
  • Developed numerous tools for use by other groups to better manage our new service offerings.
  • Spearheaded an effort to utilize EMC's ECS systems as a brand new cloud storage offering.
  • Instrumental in scaling out those same ECS clusters on an aggressive timetable, making it a viable service offering, leading to the successful acquisition of large enterprise clients.

Verisign, Reston, VA

Global Resolutions Operations Engineer - Jun 2013 to April 2014

  • Developed Vagrant environments emulating production environment for deployment testing.
  • Work with hieradata to separate site or host specific data from logic.
  • Developed a system to automatically bootstrap new puppetmasters on demand.
  • Build highly available content distribution sites by integrating DevOps technologies including Cobbler, Jenkins, Puppet, and YAML.
  • Use ansible to orchestrate software upgrades and verify functionality.
  • Develop an ansible "toolbox" including configuration, playbooks and dynamic inventory files.
  • Document software and hardware configurations in flat, version controlled yaml format and build systems to generate configurations from the same.
  • Develop modules in Python/Django for an internal device management system, specifically data export APIs for integration with other systems.
  • Actively upgrading monitoring applications and configuration, including Nagios and NRPE checks, global messaging bus, and internal HUD (Heads Up Display).
  • Migrated monitoring systems from hand provisioned design to fully automated package and puppet based installation.
  • Advise development team on building Puppet modules and associated hieradata to work within the existing production environment.
  • Addressed numerous inconsistencies with infrastructure data (such as package repository and cobbler profiles) to ensure consistent build and installation experience across the entire infrastructure.
  • Working with multiple teams to replace colocated EOL multi-server hardware with an appliance-like, single server virtualized platform.
  • Created jenkins projects that will validate and update git repositories automatically following key database updates.

Penn State University Outreach, State College, PA

DevOps Engineer - February 2013 to June 2013

  • Developed and documented workflows for standing up new services.
  • Documented existing environmental layouts for all teams.
  • Developed puppet modules to facilitate customer requirements.
  • Developed Jenkins jobs to automatically manage, test, and deploy code and applications
  • Provision and automatically deploy multi-server, multi-datacenter solutions for clients.

NTT America, Sterling, VA

Senior Linux Engineer - 2011 to 2013

Performed solution delivery and Linux/Solaris system administration for a co-location/dedicated Fortune 500 company. Responsible for maintaining and coordinating maintenance in multiple data-centers.

  • Designed and implemented Puppet environments for both internal and customer application stacks.
  • Install and configures software requested by customers.
  • Migration of large, international clients from physical to virtual (VMWare) cloud environment.
  • Maintenance and provisioning of customer's virtual environment.
  • Documentation and training of junior administrators on new platforms.
  • Works with management to develop and refine division wide processes, procedures, and technical documentation.
  • Coordinate technical tasks to be completed by/with other groups.

Team Lead/L3 Linux Adminstrator - 2007 to 2011

  • Acts in a supervisory capacity for shift, overseeing workload distribution, quality, and timely escalations.
  • Monitors customer and internal systems and responds to generated alerts.
  • Installed, configured, and troubleshooted Veritas Netbackup clients.
  • Utilized a wide array of knowledge to troubleshoot customer's websites: (coding, dns, apache, network configuration)
  • Administered systems with RHEL versions 3-6; Solaris 8,9, and 10; VMware ESX and VI4
  • Performed hardware troubleshooting tasks, delegating repair tasks to data center technicians.
  • Assisted data center technicians with provisioning and configuration tasks.

YourTech, LLC, Everett, PA

Owner/Operator - 2001 to 2012

Operated an independent computer service business for over five years providing network, server, and workstation support to business clients in wide array of business environments. Additionally, maintained business' network, including Linux and Windows servers, workstations, and firewall.

  • Implemented several monitoring systems for customers network and devices.
  • Developed a virtualized application server environment with automated backup and failover capabilities for a 10-person office that previously had no dedicated server.
  • Actively administered separate Linux and BSD Unix servers providing email, web hosting, Radius, and DNS services to approximately 300 end-users on an ongoing basis. Additionally implementing upgrades and repairs as needed.
  • Converted and maintained a small office from a failing Windows 2000 server to a Linux based file storage system.
  • Developed and maintained a campground wide network including access points and a customized firewall solution.
  • Engineered and deployed a robust, scalable backbone system for two separate wireless ISPs in rural, mountainous terrain.

The PCMD, Inc, Somerset, PA

Linux Systems Administrator - 2003 to 2004

Was hired on to design, implement, and maintain all services and software needed to create a reliable dial-up Internet service.

  • Designed and configured RADIUS authentication server using SQL back-end, additionally configuring system to work properly with outside vendor's radius requirements.
  • Created a high availability mail server using external Dell Power Vault RAID 5 storage, hot-swappable servers, and BSD Unix jails.
  • Configured and maintained primary and secondary email servers using Qmail and a MySQL backend.
  • Developed shell scripts to simply common Linux administration tasks, as well as automating recurring maintenance activities.
  • Configured and maintained Apache web servers for virtual hosting customers as well as internal support web sites.
  • Developed a complete accounting and customer support system in PHP, Perl, and SQL allowing administrators, resellers, and customers to manage their accounts through a web interface. System handled all aspects of customer accounts, including customer sign-up, server provisioning, credit card authorizations, automated invoicing, and reseller commissions.

Allegheny Intel, LLC, Bedford, PA

Linux Systems Administrator - 2000 to 2003

Duties included installing, hardening, and administrating RADIUS authentication servers, mail servers, LDAP databases, web servers, FTP servers, and SQL databases all on a variety of Linux based operating systems. Developed numerous scripts and utilities to assist in billing, system administration, and system security. Configured, purchased, and installed Dell Power Edge servers and workstations.

Completed the following major tasks:

  • Supervised, interviewed, hired, and trained customer support technicians, growing the original five member team to over 20 technicians over a period of two years. Additionally handled scheduling, performance reviews, disciplinary actions, termination, starting wages, and wage increases on a regular basis.
  • As the technical support team grew, selected and trained lead technicians and support supervisors.
  • Configured and maintained Apache web servers for virtual web hosting customers and Allegheny Intel's primary web site.
  • Developed a customer support web application in SQL and Perl for the technical support and accounting departments. This application became a core business component, used for tracking every interaction with the customer including sign-up, trouble tickets, payments, transactions, and requests.

  • Configured a Linux based LDAP directory of over 40,000 users and implemented a system to authenticate users against this directory through the RADIUS protocol.

  • Configured and maintained primary and secondary email servers using Postfix with an LDAP backend.
  • Configured supplement Sendmail based mail servers to process internal email before sending to our upstream Postfix based server.
  • Developed shell scripts to simply common Linux administration tasks, as well as automating recurring maintenance activities.
  • Deployment of a fault tolerance solution for the mail system involving a detached RAID 5 disk array and an automatic migration to a hot-spare server saving hours of downtime over a period of several years
  • Configured a web-based graphical network and local server monitoring system based on the SNMP protocol and the MRTG project.
  • Configured, maintained and troubleshooted a Trip Wire Intrusion Detection System, establishing the server system and deploying clients to monitor for any possible intrusions or abnormal system behavior.
  • Configured and maintained Cisco 7600 and 2600 routers, AS5400 and 5300 access servers.
  • Configured and maintained a centralized backup server utilizing an external Dell Tape drive.

USMC Reserves

Embarkation Chief and Training NCO - 1999 to 2006

  • Worked with high level personnel to develop training schedules in order to meet annual training requirements. Additionally, responsible for ensuring that the training needs of the individual Marines in our unit had been met.
  • Developed and maintained current embarkation plans for unit, including inventory information, transportation logistics, as well as shipping and packing procedures. Provided embarkation, logistical, and disembarkation support for multiple overseas deployments.
  • During a seven month period, operated and maintained an Internet communications center in Fallujah, Iraq under extreme conditions.


Allegany College of Maryland

Computer Science, Programming Elective - 1998 to 2001

Bedford County Technical Center

Electronics Technology, Computer Maintenance - 1995 to 1999

Northern Bedford High School

General Education, Technical Electives - 1993 to 1999