python console import tip

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pysphere - VMWare in Python

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Upgrade Redmine

Currently, I have Redmine version redmine 1.3.3 installed via the ondrej/redmine PPA. I have been wanting to upgrade to the 2.x series of redmine, but no PPA currently exists for it. Redmine is officially provided by Ubuntu, but the version for Precise is 1.3.2, and Ondřej's PPA is on 1.4.3. While I usually prefer to have my software installation and updates handled by packages, it looks like to get to the 2.x series, I'll have to go back to source.

Markdown Blogging

I recently have started a process of migrating my website over to One of the main reasons for this was because in my last server move, I had broken my Movable Type installation, and found myself too busy to fix it. I found I didn't want to spend my time fixing and updating blogging software. I wanted to work on my projects, write them up, and post them. It was time to move my content to an existing platform that handled the back end. I looked at a few, and decided would be as good as any other service.
It only took a short time to setup a blog, point a CNAME at it, and then to import my existing posts. When I started creating some new posts, I immediately ran into some limitations.

Gate One supervisor script

Yesterday, I setup gateone to run as a non-root user. I also spent some time looking at potential init scripts for starting and stopping this. The gateone project does not currently provide any init scripts, but this is planned for the future ([Issue #47]). I tried to use one of the scripts in that thread, but I wasn't really pleased with them. The big issue is that doesn't fork. However, I believe there is a better solution.

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