Formal Wear

A few months ago, I was asked to be an usher at a wedding. For some reason, I decided "why not?". I should have thought more about who was making the request.
I actually do have varying degrees of dress clothes. I have my military dress uniforms. I have "business casual" clothes. I also recently purchased a formal suit to wear the last year's Marine Corp Ball. However, none of these will work in this wedding's bridal party. So, I got measured for the official tux outfit.
A few days ago, I was told the news that the tux rental would be approximately $100. A one day rental of a piece of clothing is $100?!?. That's about what my suit cost. I looked on nextag in disbelief. Most tuxedos range from cheap ($70), with most being around $140, and a few expensive ones actually ring in at $500. There is one tux by a brad name of "Collezioni" that runs $700. I figure that if a tux gets around 20 uses out of it in its lifespan (it should get a lot more, I would imagine), you can rent it at 1/10th the price and double your money. So, taking the most expensive tux I can find ($700 Collezioni), it would be $70. At 1/9th, it's $77. At 1/8th, it's $87.50. Finally, at 1/7th, it becomes $100.
All of this is completely pointless though because I'm stuckg for "the privilege of wearing" some overpriced garments. I guess it's another lesson learned (don't get involved with people that are overly concerned about image and name brands) -- I just would prefer it if these lessons didn't cost so much.
Of course, I am to be best man at my evil twin's wedding next year. However, I feel on much safer ground in that arrangement (should it truly transpire) than I do with the events surrounding this coming June.