First off, if you're a regular visitor, you'll notice that for the first time in over 3 years, we have radically changed our site design and moved to a more "standard" platform for publishing articles and rants. Please read the Site History for more information on this change. Also take note that we will be moving away from using numbers to using names.
Speaking of history, my Aunt Dorothy turned 80 just a little bit ago. This is a fairly interesting to think about. From the mid 1920s to today, we went from a recovering country, to color photographs, to fax machines, to computers, to cell phones, to the Internet, and beyond. She has kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, and even great-great-grandkids. I have cousins that have grandkids, even great-grandkids.
As you can imagine, this has turned into a family reunion. Our family is scattered out across the US, so it takes something big to get everyone together into the same state. Before this, I remember going to my sister's wedding and having the family there, and before that was my Grandpa's funeral. If I remember correctly, he lived to the ripe age of '97. As far as family gatherings before that, I was too young to remember. I recall visiting one or two of my Aunts, or one of them coming up to visit us. I'd say that our get togethers seem to have happen every 7-10 years. Some of these people I haven't seen in 12 years, and because of their age, I might not see again. Actually, probably the next event to get all of us together would be my own wedding, assuming I were to have such a thing. ;}
Later, I'll gather up as many pictures as I can and put together an album, but I had some spare time in the middle of the night.