ANNOUNCE: Movie night resumes

On Saturday, September 8th we will resume the movie night tradition.  Somewhere around 5 or 6pm on Saturday, people should congregate at the Hogenmiller Professional Building in Everett, PA.  There will be movies, food, drinks, and games.  Please feel free to donate food, drinks, and/or movies to the night's entertainment.

Brain on Fire

Today I had to do some physical labor (gasp), which I normally have no problem with. This building was huge. Greg and I were carting an undisclosed number of PCs from a shipping container to the receiving office -- about 1 football field of distance. My hair and back were dripping wet before we were done. Granted, it's not as big of a sweat as I get after riding my bike 2 miles in 90F+ heat, but still a lot sweat.
I had a few bottles of water in my car, but they were in the car. I grabbed a drink or two at the water fountain. I was actually feeling ok when I left.
Then I went to Hebrews and had a frozen chocolatte thingamajig. I even felt ok after leaving there for home.
At home I felt the makings of a headache. It wasn't too bad,just a slight pressure. Guess what I did? I drank a soda.
My brain is on fire.