Strange Call Redux

Checking my voicemail:

"Hi John, this is Jim from *snip*.  I'm calling about a camera that was proposed to be put on my building. Give me a call back at 814-472-xxxx ext yyyy."

I don't recognize the name or know anything about the camera.  However, I have installed a few security cameras in my life and given out cards a couple years ago to people that were interested.  Then, I look up the number -- it's in  Meadville.  I have never been to Meadville -- all of 3 hours away.  Does my Yellow Book ad reach Meadville?  It might, but it doesn't have my first name or cell phone number on it.
I call this fellow back and told him I was returning his call.  He was like

"I spoke with a gentleman today, Chris somebody, about putting a camera on our building.  I was wondering how you guys would access that through our firewall."

I told him that he might actually have the wrong company, or that someone was supposed to give me a heads up that never did -- since until this call, I have never heard of their company or that I would have to access their camera through their firewall.  He then consulted a printed out email (from that Chris character) which had my cell phone number and the name was John S---.  So that's interesting.
Once I informed him that while it was my number, my first name, it was not my last name (plus the fact I am 3 hours away).  We discussed the oddity of that wrong number also being a John that has a computer firm and has worked with security cameras, but all in all, it was still the wrong number.

May Change

For only 5 days into May, it's been fairly eventful.
Robin is graduating this month -- the pinning ceremony was on the 2nd and her graduation is on the 10th.  Of course, before she even got to go to her pinning ceremony, I had a few questions for her.  The first question (both chronologically and in order of importance) was "Does it fit?" (it did) and the second question was "Do you want to be my wife?" (to which the answer was "Of Course!").
We're still working on the small details like dates and locations, as well as the big ones like what to put on the gift registry.  We'll try and keep people updated.
Probably the biggest thing going on this month is that I moved the countertop that was in the front room (my primary workshop area), de-constructed it, and re-assembled it in the new workshop area (the former junk room).  Over the next couple months, I plan on moving the living room from the upstairs to this newly emptied area, creating both a tv room/den and a living room area.