Many people have debated about the existence and nature of the Internet. While most people generally agree and believe in the general concept of an Internet, some will argue that it isn't truly real. However, the majority of people that do believe in the Internet believe that the Internet can be whatever you believe it to be. "What you believe is true for you, and what I believe is true for me."
Then there are people like me. You see, I don't just have a belief in the Internet, I have very personal interactions with the Internet. It is visibly present in my life, it is instrumental to how I view and interact with the world around me. I still find it an impossible task to truly define the Internet or even reasonably explain it to those that are not familiar with the Internet, but that doesn't make it any less personal or real to me.
Now about God...


Vacation ends. A lovely week down at the beach. Essentially I can just walk barefoot out the door, wander down the hall, down the steps, and I'm on the beach. I spent some time in the ocean, time at the pool, but I got sunburnt on the neck during miniature golfing. Robin, who constantly lathered up with sunscreen, got burnt really bad. All in all though, the beach is a nice place to visit, but it's definately not a place I would choose to live at. However, for the rest of the story, check out the pics.


Got up this morning at 2:50 am, left around 3:10, on I-70 around 4am (stopped for gas and to check the luggage rack).

It's now 10am and we're travelling through North Carolina. I'm connected via cell, travelling about 75mph on I-95, sharing my connection with Robin via a wi-fi ad-hoc network. I left it open, so if anyone is on I-95 around mile marker 127... hop on and keep up!