My Time

Yes, it is my time.
Last monday on the elliptical: 3 miles = 21:16 (~7 minute mile)
Today: 3 miles = 19:26 (~6.5 minute mile)
Next time?  Who knows.  I am excited about being able to set this pace, however I have to temper that with the understanding that running on an elliptical is much, much easier than running on flat ground.
On the 13th, we managed to capture Sean on camera trespassing at my parent's house.  I've got some great photos of him and a decent amount of footage.  Not so awesome that he did it, but truly awesome that we got solid evidence now.  After the hearing, I'm planning to put that stuff up somewhere.
After the surveillance gig and talking with the troopers, I put some flooring down, and then went on a cruise in the afternoon.
Evil John and Kimber tied the knot this weekend.  I've got the raw photos uploaded from both the bachelor party and the wedding itself.  By raw, I mean all of them, including the ones that are too dark or blurry or aimed wrong.  This location will probably go away in the future, but anyone wanting to get to them now can click here: bachelor party, wedding.
And now.. I don't have any more weddings till November, so I can finish some construction.  This week, I hope to finish up the inside of the downstairs bathroom, getting the sink in and everything.  Oh, speaking of that, on the way from the wedding to the reception, I spotted a free sink top on the side of the road.  I went back out to it yesterday and it was still there.  The sink top turned out to be exactly 25 inches, which is the size I needed.  So all I need to get is the base and faucet.  If I have time this weekend, I will try and do some carpet shopping, which is pretty much the next step.
The first weekend in August will be getting rid of the rest of the monitors and clearing out the storage shed.  Carpet down, trim in place, move furniture down, and build a shower in the basement.  Then, I can finally start on the upstairs bathroom.  Fun fun.

Purple Triangulation

So I've been noticing these purple triangles have been invading our trees. Along the roads, trees would be found with this big hollow purple triangle hanging off of it.
High triangleClose up
What wasn't immediately apparent is what they are up there for. If it was just one or two, I'd say some kids put them up there (unfortunate kite incident). However, these things are everywhere, giving it a more ominous and official vibe. Some of my first ideas was having to deal with checking pollen levels or getting a sample of bugs in the area.
Over the weekend, I took some pictures and was going to ask any resident know-it-all readers to weigh in with what these could be. I uploaded the pictures yesterday and was going to put out my plea for information today. This is after seeing these triangles for several weeks. However, just today, the Gazette had an article about them. I haven't seen it yet, but Robin tells me that there is a certain type of beetle that is killing trees in PA. These triangles act like super fly strips in order to catch the beetles.
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