I talked about it with some people, but now I have finally launched the site Iraq... again. I am going to put all Iraq-related blog entries and pictures on that site, so start looking there instead of here for a while. Of course, things that are just my usual musings and findings will naturally go here.


From Slashdot:
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Quick update. Dryden is now hosting his pictures on here as well. Check them out.
You probably need to get to page 15 or so (can't remember off hand, don't feel like looking it up) before you get to the Fallujah pics. The rest are from Cali and before.


I figured I should do an update as I haven't done one in a while with all the stuff that's been going on. We reopened the internet cafe about 7 days ago, and people starting coming back in from Fallujah around 6 days ago. They are rotating in for a couple days of R&R, and then back off to the city for 3-4 days. Basically, 4 on, 2 off, and so on. Among 3/5 there was about a dozen KIAs and a larger number of casualties. Two (1,
2) KIAs were in my section, Motor T. Those of us from Truck Co (PA) had no casualties in Fallujah. Loosing a fellow Marine is never good, but we did come out of there with a lot less injuries than expected.

In Ramadi, Truck Co marines have been taking a beating over VBIEDs (vehicle born improvised explosive device, military slang for car-bombs driven by suicidal maniacs). Several of the Truck Co Marines received shrapnel to their legs, arms and face. At least 1 that I know of got taken back to Germany, and is probably home by now. He received shrapnel to his arms and face. I am told that he is in high spirits and wishes that he was back out here with all of us. I guess that (as he always says) he's "The real deal, John Chmill".

I got some pictures off of Galterio and Cunningham. Galterio's pictures are in the OIF2 section, and Cunningham has his own album. Granted, Cunningham's album contains a very weird mixture of OIF2, California, and Home pictures, but it's all good. Both albums have some pictures of the inner city of Fallujah, and I have more promised from other people on their way. I'll post them as I get them. Cheers, John


10 Nov 1775... 2004 229 years and counting. Today marks another birthday for the Corps. UPDATE: Still no major injuries for 3/5 or Truck Co Marines. Personal update: I finally got a vehicle to use while carousing around base.


We have begun. It was pretty interesting yesterday when everyone was getting staged to go in. Last night, we took out an 8-building apartment complex and secured a hospital. Back here on base, all you can hear is the sound of artillery pounding away, all night and all day. There hasn't really been any incoming. I think the insurgents are being kept pretty busy elsewhere. The next 14 days will be pretty darn interesting.