In keeping with posting about scams that have affected me: I noticed a $10 charge on my bank account this month, and the carge actually reads: "WLISHOPPERDISCOUNT 800-889-8776". At first, I just did a search on "WLISHOPPERDISCOUNT" and came up with shopperdiscountsandrewards.com
as the first link. I don't know what I went through that signed me up for the service, but when I called up, they didn't give me any hassle in cancelling the service and refunding the charge. However, I was still ticked as to the charge in the first place, so I expanded my search to do the full charge description, including the phone number and
this page
came up first. My best guess is that it is part of one of those shopping carts, but other than paypal and newegg, the last purchase I did online was with eforcity.com.. I'm not saying that they are responsible, but in the last 2-3 months, they are the only online store on my bank account.