I've been sitting here, in front of my computer, yet my thoughts are thousands of miles from home. I've recently set out on a quest to find out something, but I do not think I will be able to find that out (it is the answer to the question that must be answered). I was hoping to make decisions, or beging planning on making decisions based upon my findings this week, but I am discovering that more, oh so much more, time is needed. For those of you that know me closely, you should be able to tell that which I am speaking of. For those of you who are outside of the loop, do not worry, for I will soon reveal much that is hidden. Basically, I need to find out if something is what I think it might be, or if what I think it is is only what I hope that it is, instead of what I hope that it is, is not what it is. So far, I only know that what it is, is something that I don't know what it is, because it is, is something that is very hard to know if it is, what I thinks it is (Or is it?). That is basically that which I am doing this week, which is why I have not been inhabiting my usual haunts regularly. I need to use all of my time to determine if this is worth committing more time to that which it is, or very well might be. Do you see that which I am saying?


I think this is an accurate reflection on society:

you get to play with the lights once and then its off to the basement to look in two rooms and from that figure out which switch controls which room?


The plans are set, the deed is done. As it stands right now, my course is set, there will be no deviation. All that is left for me to do is to go through the motions, and to learn of the end result. Then, you take that end result and feed it back into the master plan. Currently, the plan can only succeed, not fail. The results may not be what I have expected, but they will be results nonetheless. Which means that I am sitting here waiting, and wondering, staring at the screen, staring at the wall... there is no escape, no place to run, no place ot hide. There is only... the thoughts.