ansible flush handlers

In ansible playbooks, handlers (such as to restart a service) normally happen at the end of a run.
If you need ansible to run a handler between two tasks, there is "flush_handlers".

  - name: flush handlers
    meta: flush_handlers

Serial port console

This is how to get serial port console working on a Ubuntu 16.04 (or any systemd based OS) and how to access it with idrac/ssh.

To get serial port working on a running system:

systemctl enable [email protected]
systemctl start [email protected]

Update Grub:

To get serial console during boot up, including the grub menu:

Go ahead and edit /etc/default/grub

GRUB_TERMINAL="console serial"
# also, it takes so long to boot a server, adding 10
# second to the grub menu is more good than harm

Access it via idrac

ssh <idrac-ip> console com2


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