Ceph getting acquainted

The two key components:

Ceph 1st Runthrough

These are just some notes I took as I did my first run through on installing Ceph on some spare ECS Hardware I had access to. Note that currently, no one would actually recommend doing this, but it was a good way for me to get started with Ceph.

postgresql hstore is easy to compare

hstore is an option key=>value column type that's been around in postgresql for a long time. I was looking at it for a project where I want to compare "new data" to old, so I can approve it. There is a hstore-hstore option that compares two hstore collections and shows the differences.

Programming Uniden AMH-350 for APRS

This is a narrative post. If you want to see my python program that calculates out the diode matrix, skip to the end or click here,

LaView DVR access from zoneminder/vlc

Finally connected my DVR to the network. It's an LaView lv-d0404bs (4-ch dvr). I searched all over and couldn't find an rtsp url for this model. Finally, I did what I should have done, and opened the source of the web page.