I have gotten tired of constantly spending money at the soda machine for iced tea. Furthermore, making iced tea is time consuming and the tea doesn’t last very long. The part I dislike the most is the quantity of trips I must make for beverages. My solution is to purchase a gallon of bottled water from the local grocery outlet. Since my intent is to drink from this bottle, I need something slightly unlike the traditional gallon jug. I settled upon a wonderfully designed jug of Deer Park Spring Water. It has a plastic handle on top and a wide mouth, allowing me to hold it near the mouth and drink greedily.
Deer Park does not have a web site that I can find. The company that produces it is based out of Maryland. Their primary source is from Deer Park springs (what a coincidence, what with the name being Deer Park Spring Water). Interestingly enough, the town of Deer Park, MD is undergoing a
water shortage
. I was able to find out some good details about my
. For instance, Deer Park Spring Water is part of the Perrier Group which is owned by Nestle, SA the Swedish chocalate manufacturer.

Nestle has found a way to appear to be improving living conditions in under-developed nations while forming a small monopoly in the same. This has attracted little attention because most people are too busy boycotting Nestle for their
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. Don’t believe what you here, they are
working with IBFAN Africa. Apparently this boycott is quite