Slides about a library in general

  1. outside shot of the Lawinger Library
  2. same
  3. same
  4. same
  5. same
  6. same
  7. same
  8. same
  9. same
  10. same
  11. card catalog for Reserve Dept.
  12. same
  13. same
  14. Reference Department
  15. Reference Desk with Librarian
  16. same
  17. Reference Desk
  18. Close-up of Reference books at Reference Desk
  19. Pamphlet files of the Reference Dept.
  20. Special Collections Entrance
  21. same
  22. Inside Special Collections
  23. same
  24. same
  25. Government Documents Room – Entrance
  26. A study room of Lawinger Library
  27. Typing Room
  28. Typing Room with someone typing
  29. Reiss Science Building
  30. Inside Reiss Science Library
  31. A man checking out a book
  32. Someone working at A-V desk
  33. Several people working at A-V desk
  34. A-V desk
  35. A-V room (mainroom)
  36. A-V romm where films are shown to classes
  37. copying services of A-V
  38. A-V copying services with a girl copying
  39. second floor stacks and study table
  40. bound stacks periodical stacks on 2nd floor.
  41. copying machine for student use.
  42. entrance hall to Pierce Reading Room
  43. same
  44. shot looking down two rows of stacks
  45. 2 girls standing between stacks
  46. A girl reading a book in Lawinger Library
  47. same
  48. same
  49. Magazine Collage
  50. same
  51. A man filling out a book request card.
  52. A filled-out book request card.
  53. Due date card found in all checked ot books.
  54. cart of overdue book fines
  55. lower patio of the library
  56. same.
  57. Patio outside Lawinger Library looking toward East Campus.
  58. lower level patio of LL looking p the stairway to the entrance level.
  59. stairway going down to the bookstore.
  60. looking down at the entrance to the bookstore
  61. Inside the bookstore
  62. Healy Building
  63. title slide for Introduction to a University Library presentation.
  64. A-V Dept
  65. Someone checking circulation printout
  66. Reference Department
  67. Floor diagram
  68. People studying in Pierce Reading Room
  69. A girl studying in Lawinger Library

As found when cleaning out the old shop.