02/02/25 02:29:05 * Squegie is a complete and total quagmire
02/02/25 02:29:13  me: (spell it as you will)
02/02/25 02:29:20  inx: ohhh, thats right, you're not of age yet.  you youngster.
02/02/25 02:29:26  inx: (thats spelled right)
02/02/25 02:29:30  me: woohoo
02/02/25 02:29:45 * Squegie has taken a word that he has so far only heard and spoken aloud
02/02/25 02:29:57  inx: lol
02/02/25 02:30:02  me: and correctly derived the proper spelling at the exact moment that he wished to type it
02/02/25 02:30:19  inx: i am impressed
02/02/25 02:30:24  me: usually, I can't do that the other way around though
02/02/25 02:30:30  inx: i think this calls for immortalization on the web


Hello World .NET
me: is that what you're doing, mainly linux programming?
me: I thought you were doing C++
inx: most of the C++ .NET books are aimed at c++ idiots
inx: well C++ on linux
me: well I'm an idiot :P
inx: haha
* Squegie hands inx a copy of "The Complete Idiots Guide to .NET/C++"
inx: well
inx: i know my way around c++ decently now
me: good :)
me: now I've got a stupid question
me: what is the .net?
inx: i want something that says.. here are the differences between regular c++ and .net c++
me: or better yet, ".NET for dummies"
me: inx, you're the new expert..
inx: they do have that Sq
inx: :)
inx: http://arstechnica.com/paedia/n/net/net-1.html
inx: VB.NET for dummies
inx: right there on the main shelf
me: i figured there would be
inx: yes well
inx: there are no good books for experienced programmers, that know zilch about MS programming, and who need to  inx: integrate VB and C++, and do it in 2 1/2 months. me: "How to Convert your current linux infrastructure to VB & C++ .net in under 3 months for complete idiots"
inx: yes!
inx: where can i buy that????????


Ok, so I've been getting some grief from this girl named Kristan. I didn't copy the first conversation I had with her, but this is one a few days later. She thinks that I am sonya.

Lotsoluv2ufrme: sooo..who's this?
Squegie: my irc name is squegie
Squegie: irl, I'm John Thomas
Squegie: http://www.sqbnet.net/
Lotsoluv2ufrme: um okay???
Lotsoluv2ufrme: well i know ur not a guy because your under my girls..
Lotsoluv2ufrme: and i don't know who put ya here?
Lotsoluv2ufrme: and i've never talked to you..
Lotsoluv2ufrme: so who is htis?
Squegie: ok, a kristan person is dating a girl named julia, and had a bone to pick with some girl named sonya
Squegie: so he thought sonya's aim name is squegie
Squegie: which is mine
Lotsoluv2ufrme: kristan ain't datin julia.....
Squegie: well whatever.  he might just be friends with her
Squegie: he was asking why I (thinking I'm sonya) didn't like julia
Squegie: who am i speaking with if this isn't kristan?
Lotsoluv2ufrme: look i am not a dang HE...i'm a she...kristan mcdonald...
Squegie: aha
Squegie: i thought Kristan was a girl's name
Lotsoluv2ufrme: omg...
Lotsoluv2ufrme: this is sonya..
Lotsoluv2ufrme: and quit playing STUPID..with me
Squegie: look you fool
Squegie: i am not sonya
Squegie: this is my page: http://www.sqbnet.net/
Lotsoluv2ufrme: don't even call me a fool.
Lotsoluv2ufrme: i know it is...i asked someone..
Squegie: who did you ask?
Lotsoluv2ufrme: AMBER DUNCAN!
Squegie: ok, what's your phone number?
Lotsoluv2ufrme: sonya what tha heck r u talking about!?????????!!!
Lotsoluv2ufrme: gtg bye..


My newest niece was born on the 25th at 5:27am, weighing 9.1lbs and 20inches in length. Check it out.

You know, while at the hospital I was privy to a revelation. Hood-rats in the area will actually go to the hospital to hang out. That seems eternally sad to me. I witnessed three of them getting thrown out by the security guard. Apparently these teens go there, get something from the snack bar, and then wander the grounds. Surely in that city, they would be able to find a better place to hang out than the hospital. I don't see what's so fun about the place. This further proves my point that people are insane. At the very least, humans are pathetic.


Lot of stuff to talk about. Something like two weeks prior to today, I moved into an apartment with carvo and the aptly named "josh". This leads to a new era in the life of Squegie. Now that I am living back in town, work is much closer to drive to. Furthermore, we are all very much computer... enthusiasts. Therefore, we have a lan. I'm getting into multi-player online games like Q3A, and my old favorite, GTA2.


You know, I think it's high time that we still with the Bill Bashing. Sure, he used to squash the competition with limitless pools of money and strong-arm tactics, but after all the man is dead. He was shot on December 2, 1999 by a sniper in MacAuthor Park by Alek Hidell. Or so the District Attorneys office would have us believe. But there remains many questions about this case: Why were no fingerprints found on the alleged murder weapon? Who was the man seen running across 6th Street minutes after the assassination? Why is so much of the official report, including autopsy reports and photographs, still under seal a year after the crime?

The Citizens For Truth have vowed to get to the bottom of this case.

Please show your support by getting a ribbon from this site: http://www.geocities.com/dianawilm/

However, even in the midst of this controversial assasination, there are some that claim he is still alive.
There is already a documentary in progress, it will be called: Nothing So Strange. But don't take their word for it, check out this review (translated from german).


I have gotten tired of constantly spending money at the soda machine for iced tea. Furthermore, making iced tea is time consuming and the tea doesn't last very long. The part I dislike the most is the quantity of trips I must make for beverages. My solution is to purchase a gallon of bottled water from the local grocery outlet. Since my intent is to drink from this bottle, I need something slightly unlike the traditional gallon jug. I settled upon a wonderfully designed jug of Deer Park Spring Water. It has a plastic handle on top and a wide mouth, allowing me to hold it near the mouth and drink greedily.
Deer Park does not have a web site that I can find. The company that produces it is based out of Maryland. Their primary source is from Deer Park springs (what a coincidence, what with the name being Deer Park Spring Water). Interestingly enough, the town of Deer Park, MD is undergoing a
water shortage
. I was able to find out some good details about my
. For instance, Deer Park Spring Water is part of the Perrier Group which is owned by Nestle, SA the Swedish chocalate manufacturer.

Nestle has found a way to appear to be improving living conditions in under-developed nations while forming a small monopoly in the same. This has attracted little attention because most people are too busy boycotting Nestle for their
Baby Food
. Don't believe what you here, they are
working with IBFAN Africa. Apparently this boycott is quite


Well, I got the webalizer going again. You can now see the bare minimum of traffic that this sight receives. Excellent. I was excited when it came up with 4 hits for the entire month of December, but unfortunately, that's only because the logs were goofed up. You see, most people like to have lots of visitors to their site. I on the other hand would prefer the opposite. Repeat visitors expect new content all the time. First time visitors expect something fancy to grab their attention. I don't plan on doing "fancy" stuff, even though my logo is kind of nifty. I'm too lazy to update content. I figure, if I have a minimum of visitors, there will be less expected of me. Perhaps?